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Unfangreiches Leistungsspektrum der InnoMa System GmbH

Application-Optimized Automation

InnoMa System GmbH develops and manufactures complete machines as well as machine subsystems, test rigs and customized solutions for a wide variety of applications across different industry sectors. The company boasts products ranging from single hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical units to complete turn-key systems.

By using the latest technology, implementing the most recent standards and working closely with our customers, we are able to explore unconventional approaches that constantly work towards identifying and developing improved, high-performance solutions.

Throughout the entire engineering process, the design of the drive and control systems continue to be optimized.

As we are free to choose where we source our components, we are always able to select the best possible components for a particular task. We achieve cost benefits as a result of professional project planning and execution, and through the expertise and flexibility of our small but highly skilled company.

Consulting Services and Energy-Optimized Systems

InnoMa System GmbH specializes in the production of highly energy-efficient drive and automation solutions.

A number of approaches can be implemented in order to reduce the power requirements of a system, including variable drive power, non-constant power input and the use of cyclical or demand-driven controllers.

Hence our energy-optimized systems require up to 80% less electric power.

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InnoMa System GmbH

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